👋 I’m Todd, a full stack web developer living in Wellington, New Zealand. I build tools and apps for the web, mostly using Vue, Node, and Hasura. Check my setup here and follow me on Github here.

Okay, so here are a handful of really old articles to show I used to write stuff. Whilst I'm tempted to edit and remove it (maybe I will), I'll leave it as a mark of progress and work on some newer ideas. Coming soon.

25 insights from Seth Godin's Startup School

This podcast, although unedited and unpolished, is an extraordinary insight into Seth’s thoughts about startups. His welcome message sums up the purpose of the three-day workshop, with featured content within the five-hour podcast.

The world I choose to live in

The title of this post was going to be ‘I want to live in a world where…’ Wishful thinking won’t take me there.