// what I'm working on now

I generally work about half the week on client work and half on my personal projects and/or a startup.


I’ve spent about the last year working on a startup called LoungePair. We’ve built a platform to bid for Airport Lounge access. If the lounge accepts, you pay what you bid and spend a few extra hours watching planes land, eating food, taking a shower etc.

Yes, we built this during the greatest downturn in the travel industry ever. That’s how we roll.

Client work

Point Hacks - a media business based out of Melbourne Australia. Whilst I’ve either built, maintained, or touched upon nearly every part of the site over the last three years, most of the heavy lifting is now handled by my fabulous colleague Glade Kettle.

I’m currently building a set of tools for travellers to help them achieve their travel goals. Given the current state of the world, we have pretty unambitious deadlines about releasing these tools.

Switch Digital — a digital media covering Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been working with Switch for about five years now and built their entire analytics and reporting platform during this time. I spend about three days a month working on incrementally improving the system.

We’re built on top of BigQuery, Metabase, Google Cloud Functions, and Google Cloud Storage. I’m adding DBT into the mix during this year.