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Stack of choice

I’ve been a Javascript developer for my whole career as a programmer. It was a programatic choice when starting out — I wanted to build entire web applications with minimal learning curve. Whilst Javascript has it’s quirks, I love it as a general purpose programming language for building the types of things I build.

I’ve been a reluctant convert to Typescript, mostly because I found most TS code examples to verbose and show display all sorts of misdirection. When I reflected on this resistance a bit longer, I realised that I dislike most javascript code that other people write too. So maybe it’s just me?

Here is my goto stack for any web application:

And I’d be disingenuous if I didn’t mention that this site is build with Hugo and I’ve built on the minimal theme of Noteworthy (thanks @kimcc!).

Dev tooling


I do my best to support hosting companies that aren’t giant tech monopolies. Yet, between Google’s GCP and Amazon’s AWS, I pick GCP every time. Every time I’ve tried to do something basic in AWS, I end up spending hours doing very AWS sort of things.

SaaS that makes my life easier

Editor + terminal

Desktop apps

Desk setup

Other gear